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  • Provide leadership, operational, funding, and resource support to educational, healthcare, and relief organizations to better enable them to support their noble missions
  • Lead, conduct, and support programs and initiatives to develop education methodologies, frameworks, tools, and technologies
  • Lead, conduct, and support seminars, symposiums, publications, digital content, tours, training and other activities to enhance knowledge or skills
  • To develop leadership capabilities in the upcoming generations
  • To establish educational or upskilling programs
  • To establish an endowment mechanism to support both operations of this organization as well as to support its purpose
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Our organization supports several educational and relief projects.

Impacts on Real Lives



Engineering | JEE-IIT Advance Results

Indian Institutes of Technology is the epitome of engineering universities in India and boasts the toughest undergraduate selection entrance examination in the world. Around 1.2 million students apply every year for approximately eleven thousand coveted seats in a two‐step examination processes: the Joint Entrance Examination Mains (JEE‐Mains) and then the JEE Advanced examination. This year 43 out of 109 of our students, an astounding 38%, who took the Advanced level, qualified this examination. We must note that IIT reduced the number of students it qualifies by one third, which is reflected in our performance for the past two year.


Engineering | Joint Entrance Examinations Results

The government of India has centralized the selection process of the premier engineering universities. This is the exam that also qualifies students for top‐tier universities including Institutes of National Importance such as the National Institute of Technology (NIT), the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and the Indian Institutes of Sciences (IISc). Rahmani30 students have performed exceedingly well year over year. This year 152 of our students qualified in this examination. An amazing 93% of Engineering students qualified this exam and 20 of our Medical students were also successful.


Academic Research | Olympiad Results

The purpose of Olympiad is to identify and nurture young talents in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy. It is an international educational competition in which more than one hundred countries participate. Selection in the Olympiads is considered an epitome of achievements in the field of Sciences. In 2015, 48% of Olympians in the Bihar zone were from Rahmani30, with 96 qualifications overall. In 2018, 72 students were honored with the selection; also, Rahmani30 students achieved both the nominations in Astronomy for the zone. This year 42 out of 64 nominations in the 12th grade for the North zone were received by Rahmani30 students.


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